52" Men's Burgundy Chinos under $75?
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Where can I get burgundy/dark red chinos (or other machine-washable trousers) in a 52" waist for men for a decent price?

I am trying to spruce up my wardrobe a little bit, and I would like some burgundy/dark red (wine, cordovan, maroon, etc.) pants that I can machine wash (chinos, or polyester if need be), and that will fit my large frame (52" waist). I have found some bright red chinos, but that's not really my thing.

The nearest I have found are these super-cheap cordovan-colored pants from a place called "Haband." From what I've read online, not only are Haband's products typically poor quality, but they have awful customer service and tend to enroll people in their "rewards club" (=$15 a month charged to your credit card) surreptitiously. Needless to say, I ran from there.

Internet searching has been otherwise fruitless; though I have found some custom tailor places that will make them for ca. $75 shipped. If anything less expensive exists I'd be glad to know of it. If you know of a brick-and-mortar place in State College, PA or Metro Detroit that might carry them, I would welcome that information too. Thanks.
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Yea, avoid Haband. Cheaply-made stuff and it won't fit right, either.

I'm looking around, but I think the problem you are facing is the color. Casual Male XL and KingSizeDirect are both places to get 52" pants for not too much money, and neither of them has a decent burgundy option. Casual Male has a few things in that color but nothing that says "chinos" to me.

Could you switch to a neutral color for pants and rock out with some more colorful shirts? I think you'd have alot more options in the grey, navy, black arena.
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Response by poster: cabingirl: Thanks. CasualMaleXL and KingSizeDirect are actually my go-to places for clothing. The only burgundy option at Casual Male is $79 and not even available in my size anymore! I have lots of more "standard" color pants, as well as colorful shirts. I would like to rock the burgundy pants -- I used to have a pair many years ago that I picked up at a thrift store (when my waist was not as expansive...).

Does anyone know a hidden gem somewhere on the intertubes?
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If these are casual pants, find a white or light coloured pair in 100% cotton and machine dye them. I've done this a few times, most recently transforming a pair of off-white trews to a lovely shade of burgundy. Dylon machine dyes work a treat.

There are a couple of caveats:

1. It has to be cotton, so it's not really for formal/dress pants. Follow the instructions to the letter. Wash separately the first few times.

2. Stitching thread is almost always polyester which doesn't take the dye, so any external stitching will probably keep its original colour. Same goes for zippers.
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