Where should we live in the district?
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Looking for a good DC apartment building that is relatively quiet and allows cats, 1BR for under $2250/month.

My boyfriend and I are looking for a building to live in in Washington, DC. It must not be really loud (not full of partiers), and it must allow cats. We are not looking outside of the district, and we are really only looking at apartment buildings.

Preferably close to a metro stop on the green, yellow, and/or blue lines. Not really picky about neighborhoods, though we do really like Petworth/Park View and Shaw.

There are a LOT of building options out there, and obviously some are way better than others, and . We're hoping to narrow it down. Do you really love where you live? Are there buildings/management companies we should really avoid?
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ok so, apparently i'm just gonna tell the entire internet where i live, but whatever. i live in this building and i really like it. it's reasonably priced for the area, the residents are all really nice and respectful, they allow up to 2 cats with no pet fee, all utilities are included, and it's a really good address. the management company is extremely nice and easy to work with. also it's rent-controlled, which is REALLY nice.

my only complaint is that our kitchen is kind of small, but i think that's to be expected. also parking is terrible on the weekends due to the proximity of u street and adams morgan, but if you don't have a car, then whatever.

i also looked at apartments in their sister building down the street and they were nice as well.

i don't think they have any available right now but they also don't advertise on craigslist or anything like that. just put your name on the waitlist!
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I would live at The Camden near 16th and U Street if I was working within that kind of budget.
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I used to live at Capitol East Apartments and it was great. Very close to Union Station and H Street and pretty cheap for DC. The apartment is not as swanky as the website would have you think, but it's a nice, clean building in a good area at a good price. There are sister buildings too if there are no availabilities.
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Honestly there are SO many buildings you're probably going to need to give us more. Do you need parking? Do you want a doorman or a gym? How close do you want to be to the metro?

In terms of noise your best bet is a newer building. I've lived in two buildings that were both about 5 years old and I almost never hear my neighbors. It's amazing. As for outside noise, the higher the better.

Most of the buildings in the Mt Vernon Triangle area would fit your requirements. Some might be a little more expensive, but you should have a few buildings to choose from in that area. I've rented from Gables. They hiked my rent after one year, but would have dropped it back down if I had renewed as opposed to going month to month, which was a pain but pretty typical. The building was very well maintained, but at times I felt like I was in a dorm because they were such sticklers with following the rules as opposed to my new building where I actually feel like the building staff are here to make my life easier, not just enforce the rules. But that may be the price you pay when in a large all rental building that is well maintained.
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I have good friends who live in the Park Place apartments over the Petworth metro stop. It's not perfect - what is? - but it's within your price ceiling.
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A close friend of mine has lived at Waterside Towers (6th & I ST, SW) for two years with his beloved cat. I or my husband have stayed with him on 10 or more occasions, it's always been safe, clean, walk to groceries, Metro, Smithsonians, coffee, ample parking, multiple bike shares, etc. He's had no complaints. Definitely within your price range, and close to Metro.
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