The new Gmail interface - how to send a plain text message ?
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I like the new Gmail Compose interface, but I regularly send messages to a recipient that bounces anything except plain text. The old Gmail interface had a check box to choose between plain text and HTML, but I can't find how to do it on the new interface, and the default is HTML. I can go back to the old interface, but that's going away soon.
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Best answer: at the lower right corner there is a downward pointing arrow you can click on for "more options"
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Best answer: Yeah you have to go into More Options and then there's a thingy for plain text. It's a pain.

I've just switched back to the "Old Compose" ... maybe if enough people do it, they won't get rid of it. The new one is really a step back.
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Pretty much any e-mail client can send plain text mail and any can be configured to send mail through Google's servers. Having a copy of Thunderbird around just to send e-mail to a particular recipient seems more reasonable than switching the whole GMail UI back. You don't need to use it for reading mail.
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