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A close relative recently had a double mastectomy and is awaiting breast reconstruction surgery. She is still in recovery phase, and is surrounded by her loving and supportive family. Because of work issues I'm unable to visit for a while. I've sent flowers, and made phone calls, but I would like to get something delivered to her either brighten her day or make this time easier or any more comfortable for her and her family.

Is there anything that you've received when going through a recovery period that was unexpectedly helpful to you /your family or surprisingly uplifting?

Other random facts: The children are adults and out on their own, and they are not a particularly religious family, they live in a semi rural area not far from a small city, and financially things are tight, but they're still comfortable for the most part.
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My go-to edible is edible flowers when it should be showy (tax gal and her office) - fruit cut into flower shapes.

What about food delivery, contacting local places that serve the area?

But my goto is usually food so there is less worry about cooking and cleaning.

Though cleaning might be useful; not sure what her restrictions might be but paying for a cleaning service to blow through a couple of times helped some new mom friends of mine.
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Best answer: Was coming to suggest a cleaning service as well. My aunt went through chemo and I had a service do her house for 6 months..... She said it saved her. Even a one time clean by Molly maids or a reputable service in her area would probably be a huge help... Cleaning is hard when you are healthy.... Awful when you aren't.
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Cleaning sounds like a great idea.

I was thinking of vouchers you could email for audible / itunes so she could download some books to listen to if she's not getting out much. Was imagining holding a book for long periods might make her arms ache after the surgery. Or maybe the gift of a kindle depending on resources?
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Cleaning is great. The fruit flowers are also good, especially if there are people helping with her recovery (they tend to be a lot of fruit for one person). Gift cards for takeout, or maybe for the movies if she likes to go out. A really really comfy blanket is my gold standard though.
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When my mom was recovering from an illness someone sent her a pajamagram, and she loved it. They have lots (LOTS) of different styles and gift sets to choose from, ranging from "overpriced" to "are you serious??". My mom loved hers so much that she has sent them to others.
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I've been recuperating and would have loved:

some goofy magazines
new yarn and needles
nice slippers


I wouldn't have wanted food even though I'm a voracious pizza and fruit lover because I'm still not all that hungry. So, no food.
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When my friend went through this, she was a Mom with a young child. I had the ability to go to a warehouse store and buy household items in bulk: Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Cheerios, Bisquick, Coffee, Body Lotion, etc.

It got silly, and after 7 years, they're still giving me shit about it, but when you're nauseous and not feeling well, isn't it nice not to have to run out of anything?

You can probably do something similar through or
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Food is fine, so long as the intended recipient is her family. I am sure that anybody that lives with her/cares for her would be grateful for the free meal.
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