Time to start using a calendar
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I've finally lost track of my plans enough times where I need to start keeping a calendar. I'd like something that's easy to update on my phone and syncs with wherever else I'd use it (iPhone, iPad, Macbook). The entries will be pretty simple ("birthday party at Bob's house, 9pm on Wednesday", for example…don't really care if there's features beyond that). What do you use?
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Best answer: The basic Calendar app on iPhone and iPad synchs pretty well with the Google Calendar. I use that scheme and have never needed anything better.
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Best answer: Google Calendar. There may be better options, but it syncs pretty beautifully.
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Best answer: I use the same calendar I use at work. It used to be Outlook and we then switched to a Gmail -managed account. If there are others who see your calendar, you can set private appointments as, well, private, so others can't see the name or details.

I like using the same calendar for work and personal appointments because I get reminder notices on my smart phone and my desk top in advance of the event from just one sources.
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Best answer: iCal works great for me. Its never not had an option that I needed. Syncs with all Mac stuff, obviously.
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Best answer: I have the same set of hardware and just use iCal. Make sure you turn on iCloud on all your devices.
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Best answer: Google calendar syncs with everything, it's the best.
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Best answer: I use Google Calendar - a fun tip if you are making simple entries like the one you mentioned is the Quick Add feature when you're viewing your calendar on the computer. Just hit the Q key and type your sentence (like "birthday party at Bob's house, 9pm on Wednesday"). Hit enter and it'll show up on your calendar.
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Best answer: Basic Google Calendar, yep.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys - Google Calendar it is!
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Google recently announced that they are deprecating support for CalDEV, the open standard for exchanging calendar information. They will be replacing it with a proprietary API. Some apps will be allowed to continue accessing Google Calendars with CalDEV, at least for the time being. The moral, though, is that the era of "Google Calendar syncs with everything" may be going the way of Google Reader.
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Calendars+ by Readdle is a great front end for Google Calendar and will hopefully survive after Google switches Calendar to a prorprietary API. Well worth the cost; buy once for both iPhone and iPad.
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Calendar + iCloud sync + Fantasical for easier event entry on both Mac and iOS
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I use Kerio Connect, which is a Mac friendly Exchange alternative that uses CardDAV (and is 10.6 compatible). While running a server is a big deal, you can also pay a few dollars monthly for an account at Getsyncd. While it is an exchange mail / contacts / calendar solution you can us it for just calendars.

iCloud requires 10.7+ and has not been reliable in my experience.

Google has limitations and are moving away from CardDAV. Who knows how long it will exist. I also prefer paying versus using google.

Busycal and Fantastical (Mac and iOS) are not necessary, but are excellent clients instead of he built in iCal / Calendar.
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I also want to say that I love Fantastical. I could never stick to using a calendar app before it.
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Yeah, I've gotta also voice my support for Fantastical. I use Daylite now for most everything, but for your needs, you'd seriously be doing yourself a big favor by at least trying out Fantastical on both your MacBook and iPhone. Set up and get to know the keyboard shortcut, and you'll find you're entering practically everything into your calendar. And it's compatible with iCal/Calendar, iCloud and Google Calendar as well.
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