Anybody know where to get this jacket?
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Can anyone tell me where to get this fleece thing? Or even just identify the brand?
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It's a Patagonia, almost certainly made with their R3 fleece. There were similar styles available this winter, but it's not the season for it now. Here's something that's made of the same material.
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I don't think that's a Patagonia logo, though, otherwise I would agree. It looks like it starts with an "m" but it's not Mountain Hardware or Marmot.
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It's not Patagonia. It's made by Manastash, a Japanese outerwear company. It was probably ruinously expensive.
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It actually looks like a mirror image of the logo of Patagonia. I agree with charmcityblues, this is R3 fleece in a slightly older style. Charm's link is what I would link to if I was answering first.
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