Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga in San Francisco
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I want to find a good yoga studio in San Francisco that offers both ashtanga and vinyasa/flow in a guided but fairly traditional style. Reasonable student rates and easy access from the Mission St BART are pluses. Recommendations?

I have a few years' experience practicing weekly-ish (nothing intensive, but building strength and flexibility over time) with both ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. I like to find my own moving meditation, but keep chanting and guided meditation to a minimum; New Age-y music or dance moves are also not my thing.

A really great guided (not Mysore) ashtanga class, at level 2+ to cover most of the primary sequence, is my first priority; but I also want the option to add or sub a vinyasa (not power yoga, unless the teacher is pretty traditional) class when I'm feeling the itch for variety. Scheduling: post-7pm weekdays or any time on weekends.

Bonus points for:
- student discount
- easy access from the Mission Street BART
- teacher focuses on alignment and injury prevention (within ashtanga/vinyasa, I'm not interested in switching to Iyengar although alignment is important to me)
- also offers pilates / climbing / some other fun, not-a-gym-workout activity

I saw this previous question, but my needs are more specific on the yoga side and otherwise more flexible. Many places seem to offer a lot of vinyasa/power yoga and not as much ashtanga (e.g. Touchstone Climbing would be great, but I can't make the time of their only ashtanga class), unless it's a super-traditional Mysore studio.
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