SimCity 4 Mac language change?
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So I have a copy of Simcity 4 for Mac OS, and the patch to run it on Intel. I'm looking to switch the language from US to UK English (I want left-side traffic) but all of the instructions I've found online to do such a thing are for the Windows version, and involve modifying the Registry, which by definition ain't gonna happen for the Mac OS version. What can I do? How do I change the game's language settings on Mac OS?
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Do you know that it decides traffic based on language choice? You can change the language ordering for your account in System Preferences, or you can set that default for a single application using the defaults command if you know the application's identifier (com.something.something):
defaults write com.something.something AppleLanguages -array en-GB en
(the defaults system is maybe roughly analogous to Windows' registry.)
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Response by poster: Okay, that could be extremely useful.
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Response by poster: Hmm. I've got the "UKEnglsh" folder in the "SimCity 4 Data" folder, and I tried defaults write com.aspyr.simcity4.plist AppleLanguages -array en-GB en (as well as minus the ".plist") but it doesn't quite seem to be working as such. Maybe I've still forgotten a step?
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Best answer: If anyone knows how to do this, it'll be the people at Simtropolis:
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Response by poster: Thanks for the point in that direction. The Mac board seems… unenergetic… but there's still a chance!
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I think this is an option for the Network Addon Mod, which adds a thousand other awesome things and I recommend anyways. Simtropolis has the NAM and loads of info.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, NAM only supports allowing you to use it with left-side-traffic versions, rather than having any ability to change your traffic inherently (I already have it installed).
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