Is there a mashup of reddit and metafilter?
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Is there a mashup of reddit and metafilter? Err more specifically is there a site out there basically identical to metafilter but with more subcommunities?

I did lots of searching, but all of the past questions I found were pretty general. I am looking for something which meets all of the following criteria:

1. Community driven, can have editors
2. Single threaded comments, no "reply to"
3. Lots of sub communities like reddit/subreddits

I love metafilter, but I want way more science / math / programming / philosophy / anime and gaming links, and way less single links to youtube. I love reddit's democratic control, the subreddits, the almost rss nature of the site, but threaded comments are terrible and make serious discussions about links impossible.

I know plenty of blogs / group blogs but I like community driven websites more. Is there a mashup of reddit and metafilter?
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It only fits your first criteria, but since you didn't mention it, Hacker News is the go-to place for science/maths/programming links and discussions, though YMMV on the quality of discussions. Depends on the day/topic.
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Something Awful has a ton of discussion and link posting and so does (gasp) the non-anonymous parts of 4chan. Neither is that link focused though, and both are obviously more wild and wooly (less moderated) than MF.
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You could try Google+ communities. The character of each community varies, but there are certainly a lot of them.
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It's weird, because I answered a question like this with Metafilter on Hacker News.

I think your specifics may be problematic, given the proliferation of comment systems, all of which have an option to reply to specific comments.

Have you looked at StackOverflow and the network of sites behind it? it's like Ask for specific topics... stack is programming, but there are ones for a bunch of topics.
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Seconding StackOverflow.
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I think StackOverflow is more like AskMefi but more subject-specific, but it does tend to have nice people and some of them get discussion-y. Others though are pretty tightly moderated.
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Response by poster: I like hacker news and stack overflow, they are both great resources, and I guess those and /r/programming will have to suffice.
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Response by poster: Just in case anyone comes later, I have also found - function space which describes itself as a "Community for Math. Physics and Computer Science lovers," looks cool.
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Sorry this comment is so late, but since no one mentioned it, StackExchange sounds like what you are looking for.
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Ah, well, I see now that actually gryftir did mention the network behind StackOverflow. Never mind.
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