Mac Clipboard Manager with "Paste and Remove from History"
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I'm looking for a standalone clipboard manager for OSX that has LaunchBar's "Paste and Remove from History" functionality.

With LaunchBar, I'm able to copy 3 items, and paste them into a separate page in reverse order (every time I hit CTRL+CMD+OPTION+V the last item I copied is pasted and deleted from history, so the second to last item I copied is now next in line for pasting).

I'd like this functionality in a standalone clipboard manager, as I'm planning on giving Alfred 2 a try as my launcher.

Paid or free is fine.
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You could try Flycut, which sounds like it'll do kind of what you want. It brings up a bezel with your most recent copy in it, and you can move back and forth in your clipboard history to see the clips and pick the one you want. It doesn't seem to delete a clip from your history by itself once you paste it, but you can delete a clip from your history with the backspace key.
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