New Tumblr music player code?
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Tumblr recently switched out their flash-based music player with a new, more mobile-friendly one. That's good, except the new one is devastatingly ugly and has totally different proportions. I'm not even sure it's displaying correctly - the arrow is off-center, the text looks wonky. I have been trying in vain to find ways of fiddling with its attributes, but the ones exposed are very limited. Has anyone else noticed this problem with the look, and has anyone had any success in customizing it?

Note: I don't plan to switch to another player because I have scores of tracks on tumblr's servers. I know I should move to my own backend and CMS, but until I have time to do that, I'd just like to be able to fix the way it looks.
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Response by poster: Oops, here's what it looks like in FF and in Chrome.
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I've noticed the same problem--arrow is inexplicably touching the bottom of the box, text seems off-center and weird--but haven't had any luck fixing it. (In fairness, I've not tried super hard, but I've asked a few friends and searched a bit.)

That said, it seems that songs that are being newly uploaded display differently. Stuff on my dash that's been reblogged (and has been up for a while) is showing the weird-looking player, but the one new music post I've seen--the only one that's been around for less than a month--and what happens when I create a post and upload a song, looks like this. (Not me or anyone I know, just a random post showing the other style.)

So that doesn't fix your old stuff, but maybe gives hope for things uploaded from here out?
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Response by poster: This fixed itself, by the way. I think it was an error on Tumblr's side.
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