Does Stutgart Central Train Station (HBF) have luggage storage lockers?
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I'm looking to store a bag there for a few hours on Sunday, the 14th, while I attend the football match. I couldnt find a definitive answer on the Web, so Metafilter, I turn to you. Thanks!
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The Deutsche Bahn Website has information on all stations. According to this page there are luggage lockers (Schließfächer, look for signs with a suitcase and a key), and there also is a baggage room (Gepäckaufbewahrung, Gepäckcenter, sign with two suitcases, one on a shelf). You can check out where they are on this map of the station (only available in German, sorry).

According to this page (German only) the baggage room is open 6:30 am till 8 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am till 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. I would presume that the lockers are available 24/7.
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Thanks for the answers!
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I've been there multiple times, and they definitely have lockers.

Just as a note, they have two different types of lockers: ones that are charged hourly and are good if you want to store your things just for an hour or two, and ones that have an all-day charge which tend to be worth it if you are storing things for 3+ hours.

I think the short-period ones had some sort of red posters attached to them. You can find them at the end of each platform, and the hourly and longer period ones are on different platforms. The bigger ones tend to fill up more quickly, but you should be able to fit an average carryon into one of the medium-sized ones, as far as I remember.
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