What is this mystery plant growing in my kitchen?
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So, I tried growing a pineapple from the store via this Pinterest link. Well the pineapple died, but something else started growing in its place, but I have no idea what it is. Can y'all identify it? If so, what should I do with it? Thanks!
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What's it smell like? Could it be a type of sage?
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It doesn't have a particularly strong odor, but it doesn't smell like sage. However, I've only smelled sage after it's been dried, so there's that. It doesn't smell minty either.

To be fair, my allergies are running riot at the moment (It's Ash & Juniper season around here) so my nose cannot be fully trusted.
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It kind of looks like a Mother of Thousands. I have seen some MoT that look similar when they are under less than ideal conditions, like too much/not enough light or water. When they are stressed, they often don't form the characteristic line of little baby plantlets along the leaf edge and the leaves can curl under like that. MoT is a succulent, is your plant a succulent?
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It's not a succulent. Like pomegranate, I think it looks like some kind of herb, but I can't find it. It's on the same windowsill as my spider plants and olive tree sapling, so plenty of sunlight.

It appears to be growing right out of what's left of the pineapple plant, but it's not a pineapple plant (I have two more of those growing pretty well).
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What kind of soil did you use? If it was sterile potting soil, then it must have come in on the pineapple... but if it's just dirt from outside, could it be a seed from outside?
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It was, uh, Miracle Grow? or sumthin' like that. I bought a couple of brands... So I guess it came in on the pineapple.
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The little flowers opened a bit after I took the pictures, and they appear to be yellow if that helps at all.
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Going out on a limb here...Could it be Mexican Terragon?
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That looks really close. I'm going to move it outside and see if the plant gets sturdier (it's very vine-like right now). The plants everyone is pointing me to are sturdy like the Mexican Terragon. But this one just has a vine-like structure it wants to wind around everything and not grow upwards.
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I was also going to say some sort of tarragon. If it is, the leaves should taste like a mild licorice.
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So I took a look at this earlier and there were some parachute seeds poofing out of the top of one of the budding flowers. These don't look like dandelions, or daisies, or thistles... I can't think of anything else that has these kinds of seeds, but if y'all have an idea, I'm open to it.
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I posted pictures of this plant on a couple of other forums but no one has been able to recognize it. It remains a mystery. I'm going to mark this resolved though just to tidy up.
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