How do I get yogurt marinades to stop sticking to the aluminum foil?
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I like to marinate chicken thighs in yogurt before throwing them in the broiler. But a lot of the yogurt marinade sticks to the aluminum foil when I flip them and again when I take them out altogether. I'm losing all that tasty seasoning! Any suggestions?

I like to marinate chicken thighs in yogurt and spices, throw them in the broiler, flip em halfway through, and pull them out. Ta-da! Except the delicious browned marinade often comes off the chicken and sticks to the foil.

I know parchment paper would burn under the heat and buttering the foil hasn't helped a bit. Is there any solution?

The beauty of this meal is that takes under 20 minutes to make, otherwise I'd experiment with using the oven instead of the broiler.
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Have you tried parchment paper or are you just assuming it will burn up? I broil things using parchment paper all the time.
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Why is there foil? I like this method a lot, but I just cook the delicious, yogurt-y chicken on a broiler pan.
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Non-stick foil! I was so skeptical when I first tried it, but it definitely does work. And they even have a "this side up" watermark so you don't screw it up!
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Have you thought about doing something like this?
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Spray foil with cooking spray.
Works great with cheese dishes as lasagne...taking off the foil, to let the cheese brown at the end of cooking.
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+1 for spray oil instead of butter. I use PAM.
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I'm with you on the parchment paper thing -- mine says "Max. 425 degrees" on the package, and the broiler is hotter than that, I think. Nthing non-stick spray on the foil or buying the non-stick kind.
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Non stick sheeting lining the container then the oven/grill. They say it does up to 260 Celsius
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You could use a wire rack instead of cooking directly on the foil. Less of the surface will be touching the food so there will be less pulled off.

You could also reserve some of the marinade (that hasn't touched any raw meat!!) and apply a touch up at the end. It won't be caramelized but I bet it would add a nice fresh note.
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