Intranet only Wi-Fi router? I want to make one.
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I want to use a captive portal, limiting the connectee to only the website I put on the router. No internet access nor is it being connected to my internet.

First I want a way to only have the user connect then interactive with a one page or small website that does not connect to the internet. Ideally I'd want this to be an openwrt with CoovaChilli on a very small inexpensive wifi router. Possible?
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It should be.

At the very least, you can always set up OpenWRT to provide a captive portal and have some other machine running whatever website you want to provide connected via ethernet to the router. If you want both the website and the captive portal hosted on the same router, it might take some work fitting everything into the limited memory space, but it's technically possible.

A better solution might be to ditch the inexpensive wifi router for a raspberry pi + wifi adaptor.
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LibraryBox does this.
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