Bulk Photo resizing in OS X?
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Has anyone found a good software for OS X that resizes photos in bulk?

I can't believe I can't find some app like this somewhere. I shoot photos that have 3-4MB files associated with them. I'd like to just put vacation photos on the web without having to open each file in Photo shop to resize it (so I don't have to upload a 4MB file). It seems like with the explosion of digital photogs, this app should be around, but I haven't been able to find it.

I've tried writing Automator scripts (they don't work for bulk). I've tried one or two apps that proport to do it (they crash). I searcched the archives, I hope this question hasn't been asked/answered before...
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ImageMagick Corrected Link
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When I did it, I used GraphicConverter. It may not be a feature available in the free version, though.
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Load them into iPhoto and use the Export function to save smaller copies. You can delete them from the iPhoto library when you've finished.
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I've tried writing Automator scripts (they don't work for bulk)

I use Automator for this, first selecting the photos that I want to resize in iPhoto and then calling the "prep for flickr" Automator script that resizes and saves them locally. I then use the flickr uploader to handle the rest of the task. Contact me offlist (email is in profile) if you'd like a copy of the script.
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Photoshop can batch process a folder of images and apply user-defined actions. The actions palette allows you to hit record, then do what you wantever you want to a test image (resize, change dpi, etc) then hit stop. Photoshop remembers this sequence of actions, which can be applied en masse using the "batch" command under the "automate" menu under "file."
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Not to shamelessly promote my friend's software, but photo Drop is cool. I think it's still in beta, however, so make a quick backup.
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What isn't working with your Automator script? I've got one like jperkins, only mine starts from files in the Finder rather than iPhoto. But it works just fine for large numbers of files.
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SmallImage2 works great for me.

I haven't tried the other tools listed here.
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I use Resize! and love it.
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