What is this painting I can't get out of my head?
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Help me ID a painting I have seen a few times and really want to purchase a print of.

Here are the details I recall of this painting:
- It is an outdoor scene; several women in (I think) Edwardian dress are on a high ocean cliffside. Perhaps one or more women are seated; possibly with a picnic?
- The coastline is on the left, the ocean on the right.
- The scene is very colorful, bright; there is a lots of blue sky and a sense of sweeping scope.
- For some reason I seem to feel like it's Newport or some other US eastern seabord locale, but this could be wrong. That's just how it seemed to me.
- I think it's an American artist but I do not know for sure.
- The time period is probably 1890-1915? Judging from how I recall the clothing on the women.

More than anything when I think of the painting I remember how it makes me sense one of those days where the sky is so blue, the air is bracingly clear and the sun so bright it almost hurts your eyes. The colors really pop. You can almost feel the air.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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Is it Winslow Homer's "Long Branch, New Jersey"?
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Or his "On the Cliff"?
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Best answer: Maybe this one by Benson? http://www.risdmuseum.org/exhibition.aspx?type=current&id=16182
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Hmm, maybe that's not the best link - this is the image I meant.

American, right period, several women, high cliff, not Newport but Maine, very colorful.
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Response by poster: It's the Benson!! Thank you so much blaneyphoto!!
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Response by poster: I did see this at RISD which is maybe why I thought it was Newport. Now I have to find a place to buy it.
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Glad I could help. Having attended RISD, maybe that's why the image stuck in my head also. My great, great grandfather worked at RISD during the time this was painted (random useless trivia).
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You can buy an art print HERE.
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Response by poster: Thanks!!
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