Finding the name of a certain Japanese music group (shakuhachi / piano)?
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What I remember is that it was a 2- or 3- or 4-man Japanese music group whose name started with a "K". One of the members plays a shakuhachi, another is a pianist, and I think some of their music falls under the ambient/electronic genre.

Unfortunately, I really can't remember the names of any of their songs or members. What I do remember is that I found a YouTube video of one of their songs in the "Related" list of another band's ambient/electronic song. The song video in question showed a picture of a tree or forest or something.

I know this is really vague and disorganized, so I apologize... If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/leads, I would really appreciate it if you could share them! :)
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You might be thinking of a friend of mine: Nakamura Akikazu is a shakuhachi player, quite famous, and has a band that starts with a K. It's called Kokoo. No piano, though: it has two koto players.
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Uttara-Kuru? A duo at its core, lots of flutes & synths, no piano (that I recall), lots of fan uploaded 'videos' with simple pictures, often more club/house/techno but sometimes more ambient. Might lead in the general direction.
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