Fallen angel painting?
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When I was in college, over a decade ago, I purchased an art print that I liked but I now no longer have. It looked pre-Raphaelite (at least I thought it did). What I remember of the painting is: a woman floating in a body of water with her hands tied (I think), a halo floating beside her, and in the background on a bridge there is a man (I think he's an archer) in shadow. No, the painting is not Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais. I bought Ophelia at the same art faire. Anyone know of the painting or the artist?
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Best answer: Delaroche's The Young Martyr
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You know, it's surprising, in Googling around, how varied the reproductions of that image are. Everyone seems to have their own notion of what the color balance should be like—from ghoulish greens to cool blues to warm golds—and the figure on the bridge can either stand out starkly against the sunset or vanish into inky darkness. The original in the Louvre is certainly none-too-bright.
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