Is there a Yelp for hang gliding or hot air ballooning companies?
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I'm interested in doing both hang gliding and hot air ballooning (as a passenger). Is there any way I can check out a particular company for safety, customer satisfaction, etc. -- sort of like Yelp or Tripadvisor? The outfit I'm interested in right now is Adventure Seeker Tours in Toronto -- although I'm not asking here for specific comments about them. Just how to go about vetting. (Although, if you know anything about them . . . .). Thanks.
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Yelp has ballooning reviews, search for "hot air balloon cityname".
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No reviews for the company you mentioned though, which seems strange. You might see if the company is just for booking and contracts out the dog sledding, ziplining, ballooning, etc.
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Hang gliding is such a minority sport that there is really not a lot of places on the web for the fateful to gather. The best "international" site is probably the OZ Report Forum which is run by an Australian dude but is accessed by pilots from all over.

Hang gliding is very regional, non-existent in many places with strong presence in some, usually tied to good flying sites. There are so few pilots that there really isn't a lot of businesses to choose from. For example in Northern California there is probably only one good school and a scattering of independent instructors. There are usually local clubs (often with a web forum) tied to the local flying sites. If you have a location in mind post a question on the Oz Report and folks will probably point you in the right direction. The best way to find out a good instructor is to find the local flying site and hang out at the landing zone on a weekend day and talk to pilots.
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