Looking for a smart "dumb phone"
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Hello All! Can anyone advise on an AT&T phone I can use without a data plan but has the best movie/mp3 playback capabilities? Thanks!
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Do you need to buy it from ATT on a contract, or are you open to buying an unlocked phone somewhere else?
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just get a SIM and tell them it's for a flip phone, and then pop it in to any phone you like. Get an old android phone or a 1st gen or 3g iphone for cheap.

I've had a number of "media" phones and they all completely sucked. The ones available now especially suck because they're trying to push people on to smartphones, and even on contract cost close to what an old smartphone would cost used.
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The Lumia 620 is a pretty cheap smartphone, works great offline (offline maps, fantastic mp3 player, offline Nokia music radio) and has a couple of neat features like wireless charging
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