Booker, I found clothing ... catch!
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My kids and I want to cosplay Bioshock:Infinite at an upcoming fantasy/geek festival, and I need help. Looking for links to either specific articles of clothing, or overall strategies for what/how to do. Spoilers for the game within.

Here's the plan so far. I welcome input on any and all, as these might not be the best ways to go (we're pretty new to the cosplay thing, only having done it once before, and that time we went kinda lame). Links to specific products would be so appreciated:

* My 7-year-old daughter, who is petite, wants to be Elizabeth. So I need to find a plain white dress, which is easy, and a blue neckerchief. The tough part is going to be the white shirt with the blue and gold collar. The necklace is pretty important, but I bet I could find that on Etsy. (I also considered mocking up and printing out the dust jacket of the book that she hits Booker with when she first hits him, and putting it on "Infinite Jest" or something similarly large)

* I thought I would go as Booker. So that's pretty easy, jeans, neckerchief ... but where can I find that vest? Or something close enough?

* My 10-year-old son is considering being a Patriot, which would be pretty easy, I think - Abe Lincoln mask and hat, suit, wings on his back. Thought I would do those in balsa wood and paint them, but am open to better ideas.

Thanks ... appreciate all the input! (And for any parents wondering, no, I didn't let my 7 and 10 year olds play Bioshock. They know about it from the box cover and how dad hasn't talked about anything else for three months, so they really want to do something with it. None of us are going to use guns as part of the costume.)
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Your best bet is probably to make the blue collar and cuffs and sew or velcro them onto a plain white shirt - you wouldn't even have to remove anything from the original cuffs/collar, since the blue will be big enough to cover everything up. i.e. instead of thinking of it as "white shirt with blue cuffs" think of it as taking strips of blue cloth (with decorative buttons) that you wrap over the existing white sleeves, and velcro the blue to itself.
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I'd suggest doing the wings in foam as opposed to balsa. It'll make them more flexible and resistant to collisions and crumpling, which is a godsend for crowds and small children. Your local craft store (Michaels, etc.) should carry foam sheets in a variety of colors.
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FWIW, the Patriots have a pair of draped American flags on their backs, not wings.

Some other small but important details:

- Elizabeth's silver pinky thimble

- the "AD" brand/mark on the back of Booker's right hand, and/or:

- a bloody bandage around Booker's right hand
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