The Final Frontier in NYC?
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What can two space nerds do in NYC for a day—besides the ANHM and The Intrepid?

I'd like to have a "Space Day," during which my guy and I take a day off of work and go explore as much space and aeronautics themed places as possible. We're in NYC, so we'll be going to the American Natural History Museum and to see the Enterprise on the Intrepid.

Nothing is too serious or too silly, but I'd rather veer away from too much sci-fi.

Any thoughts?
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Response by poster: Oh, right: as for the date, I'm looking at April 19th.
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Best answer: The Hall of Science in Queens is a must-go (rockets!), and while you're there, you might want to poke around the park (the site of 1939/64 World's Fairs), the space-age architecture and the tiny model of New York City at the Queens Museum of Art are very cool, if only tangentially space-related.
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Floyd Bennet Field has a collection of aircraft and gives tours of them. You'd have to call them to see if they have one that day. They have a stargazing event scheduled that night.
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Columbia has an astronomy lecture series on some Fridays, including the 19th. If it's clear out, they'll let you into the observatory afterward for some stargazing (what you can actually see, I'm not sure, this being Manhattan).
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Response by poster: Ah, rickschell! Thanks! I've done the diorama and the park, and indeed, MakerFaire. But how did I not know about the rockets? Perfect.
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Honeybee Robotics, manufacturer of various systems now located on Mars, is on west 34th. I don't know what is on display in their lobby nor what their visitor policy is, which may vary depending if they've activated their robo-bartender.
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Seasonal, of course, but a great day trip out of the city exists in doing the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

The collection is outstanding, with a lot more originals -- and flying originals -- than anywhere else. And it's all stuffed in a few dark, not-terribly-secure barns. It's a great historical collection, kept going through volunteers and not a lot of money.

The airshow is wonderfully hokey, with WWI dogfights built around some handsome boy trying to get his best girl back from the evil clutches of the Black Baron.

Plus, it really is marvellous country up there. The crowd is pretty mixed, with airplane die-hards, families out for the day, photographers, and bikers. Biplane rides are available, and not too expensive.

Highly recommended. Bring a bleacher pillow for the wooden bench.
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The Museum of Mathematics might also apply, even if only in an abstract way.
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