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I have an awesome polo shirt with a white collar that got accidentally tossed in with a red shirt that bled all over everything in the load. Most of the other stuff was either jeans or house tees, but is there any way to salvage this collar without ruining the rest of the shirt?
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Try this.
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I never knew such a product existed. Thank you saythis and essexjan. If you try this product saythis would you please post here whether it worked or not?
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I live in China. :-)
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Googling produces a few other products like this one. Now if I could only find a site that did interational shipping, I'd be set. I wonder what's in this stuff? Can you make it at home?
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Sodium hydrosulfite and Sodium carbonate is also know as Soda Ash.

I have no idea what the ratios/concentrations are for Carbona, but maybe if you look around you can find similar products with these ingredients?
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That is why I love this place. Nice job PurplePorpoise.
posted by caddis at 2:04 PM on September 11, 2005

A previous question. RIT dye remover saved the day with no effect on the jeans' original color.
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