Adjust Google Calendar training plan by one day
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I have a Google Calendar with one of Hal Higdon's half marathon training schedules, and I'm a day off. I've been a day off for weeks. I'd like to adjust the calendar rather than my life. How can I adjust the events by one day all at once? I am happy to import or export, etc as necessary. It's such a small thing but it's driving me crazy.
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If you open up the next instance of it, then change the date, then save it, you should get an option for "change all events in the series after this event," or something, which will move them all forward the same amount.
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Response by poster: No, because they are separate events, not a recurring event. Run 5 mi is followed by Rest is followed by 40 minutes cross train.
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If you're able to do some light coding, you totally accomplish that with Google Apps Script. I would export a copy of the calendar first in case you mess something up. Then, go into Google Drive and choose Create > Script.

You'd want to look at the script reference for calendar events. Basically, you would need to indicate what calendar you are looking at - if it's your default calendar, you would useCalendarApp.getDefaultCalendar(). Then using getEvents, pull all events within a date range. This will return an array of events which you can loop through and either setTime (for short term events) or set all day date (for all-day events).
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