We're looking for replacement brick pavers.
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Getting desperate, pretty much anywhere in the US may have to do.
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If I understand you, you're looking to buy bricks. You aren't trying to hire a person to place them. Is that correct?
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You might have some luck with Google search terms "brick veneer" or "brick facade."
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If it helps your search, that isn't a paver (although you may be using them as pavers), it's called thin brick and is usually used in vertical installations. Here's one manufacturer, scroll down to "Quick Ship Moulding Thin Brick."
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I didn't dig through their site to find the exact brick you have, but this is probably the place you want.
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That looks like a pretty unusual dimension for a paver. You might try McNear Brick. I don't see your exact dimensions but you could email them. Really nice, family owned business.

On preview, I agree looks more like a thin/veneer brick.
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Look for modular brick veneer. Modular bricks are smaller than standard to include the mortar joints for ease in measuring courses.
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Where are you located? There are one or two brick companies nearish me, but I don't want to go to the trouble of looking them up if you're not at least in an adjacent state, since someone else may have a better answer.
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Response by poster: We are hiring someone, but he can't find them.
Suppliers in Northern New Mexico/Southern Colorado would be ideal.
We are using them as indoor flooring
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Those look like the bricks they used to put on the outdoor sidewalks of McDonald's restaurants.

They don't look like brick veneers that I've seen, normal bricks aren't quite that tall. If you google "clay pavers" you'll see a lot of things that look similar to your examples.
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Are you trying to match the ones you have, or completely replace them? If it's match, unless you know where the first ones were manufactured, I'm not sure it can be done. Different brick from different soils/clays, cut with different tools, will have entirely different texture and appearance even if they are sort of the generic "red brick". They can also look extremely similar and then respond differently to sealants, making the difference extremely obvious after application.

Agree that they are called veneer or thin brick generally, though yours seem to be thinner than most- I think 5/8" is more common and probably better on a floor.
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This place makes "thin brick tile" that is close to your brick's dimensions, but a totally different range of finishes.
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