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I have read that John Walkenbach's books are the de-facto standard for learning to use VBA in Microsoft Excel. I'd like to know what books are recommended to learn to use vba in other Office products - primarily Access, but also Word and Powerpoint. I'm more interested in books than in websites.
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I've found this book useful for learning vba for Access.
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They say that if you understand vba in one office application that this easily translates to other office applications, but I have only worked with vba in access. I learned most from this and this. The first is very pragmatic and taught me im a quick way how to get things done, but the second is much more detailed and contains more information than I've been able to process so far.

This assumes that you know how access works. Otherwise I really recommend starting with this awesome book to get started with queries, tables and forms (although it is very light on vba).
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You can download some free sample chapters of Learn Access 2003 VBA with The Smart Method to see if you like its approach. As a non-programmer I've found it easy to follow, as an intro to VBA.
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