Help me replace the most perfect combat boots ever!
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Where can I find boots just like these again? List of specific requirements inside.

A couple of years ago, I found a great pair of combat boots for women in Amsterdam at some small boutique for ~100 Euro. I lived in them for about a year, and then somehow misplaced them and they're gone forever!! I've been searching for a replacement for about 1.5 years, and suprisingly have found ZERO pairs that fit all of the following qualities that my perfect combat boots had:

- black
- soft (either leather or non-leather is fine, but should seem "leathery").
- mid-calf height
- no heel
- very comfy
- sturdy
- simple, no extra detailing or stitching

Today I tried on a pair of Vintage Shoe Company Molly boots (in black) and it was the first one that even resembled the awesome of my previous boots, and they were super comfy/sturdy (even sturdier than my originals, yay!) The ONLY reservation I had was that line across the toe, which fails requirement #7 (okay, and the price was a mild reservation, but I'm willing to splurge since I'll probably wear them constantly again).

I've also looked at Frye's Veronica (online only, haven't tried any on) but they look too short (more ankle than mid-calf), and also... don't look quite as hip to me for some reason?

So my question: is there a boot out there that EXACTLY meets my description? Or should I give up and come to terms with the fact that the Vintage one is as close as I'm going to get??

(I live in San Francisco, btw, if you want to direct me to a local shoe store.)
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Have you looked at any brands that are more traditionally in the tactical/military realm (like Bates or Danner)? For example, look at these military boots.* I see a few there that meet the criteria you list.

*I work on this site.
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What about Doc Martens?
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These are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and I've lived in them since I bought them. Very soft leather, no breaking in required, they come like you've worn them for 5 years already. They tick all your boxes. One catch, they're in Australia. Don't know if they ship.
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Those aren't combat boots, they're more more derivative of lace up ropers* or that vintage lace up style that's popular right now. Try searching for those terms and you should find tons of choices because those are really in right now.

*you can take the fringe part at the bottom of the laces off of some roper boots easily, its only laced on.
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You in the States? You may be able to find a pair of Navy boondockers (black leather boots) at a surplus store.
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You want Corcorans. You can find them online or on ebay, but will need to order in men's sizes.
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I wrote out a long post, and then looked at the photo again, zoomed in, scratched my head, and backspaced everything.

Do you want them to be exactly like your old ones? Because searching ebay or etsy for Justin, Ariat, Corcoran, and possibly a few other brands will get you similar but plainer ones(and possibly with that fringe above the toe, which is removable and just held in by the laces).

But if you want ones exactly like that, with the slightly thicker sole and the little detail rivets and strap... These are at least in the style of old euro motorcycle or scootering boots. Triumph either made, or had made with their stamp on them boots like this. A few other european motorcycle companies seem to have as well. My friend used to have a pair of triumphs he wore almost 7 days a week that looked pretty much EXACTLY like those.

I'd be searching ebay/etsy for vintage european motorcycle boots, because that's what it looks like those are. They're not combat boots, and they're not quite ropers(especially because of the sole). You can get justin ropers with soles like this, but they're hard to find. the "european/british motorcycle boot" angle is where you want to go with this.
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RMK black combat boots
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Justin Ropers are extremely comfortable and look a lot like your picture (they don't have the rivets, though, and as noted directly above, the sole is different). My Justin's had great longevity (I bought them in the early 1990's and gave them a new home about 10 years ago) and should run you about $160.
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For Jump boots, I wore Cochrans. However, I changed to Packers' boots when I got into horses and mules. A woman's style is available. Several companies make them.

Here's a sample:

Another idea is called a "lineman's boot." They resemble a packers' boot, but are taller, and have an extra layer of leather over the inside toe. I found them really comfortable, but preferred the packers' boot because of the cut of the heel.
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