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Is there an application that runs on iOS, or that runs on Ubuntu and has an iOS client, that will allow me to manage (as oppose to merely play) my digital music collection? I need to be able to import new files I have ripped, edit tags, and edit file/folder structure from my iPad due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

I have a large, poorly organized digital music collection that I want to organize and add to. These music files reside on a NAS on my network. The challenge is that, due to my carpal tunnel syndrome, I can't use a keyboard or mouse. I need to be able to manage my music library (edit tags, edit file names and folder structures, etc.) using my iPad. It's the only device that doesn't cause me much pain.

In addition to my Synology NAS, I also have an always-on computer running Ubuntu. So an application that runs on Ubuntu and can be accessed from the iPad would be fine. (I also have a Windows machine, but the hardware is dying so it is not always on, and would probably not make a good server).

Then, in a perfect world, I would like new albums that I rip to my collection to be automatically uploaded to Amazon Cloud Player. Because my iTunes library is on the NAS, Cloud Player doesn't seem to detect new songs properly.

Any advice that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Hours of googling has not turned up a solution. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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Squeezecenter (the server software that accompanies Logitech's discontinued squeezebox) for your PC (should be available via Ubuntu's package service). Squeezecenter will also run on your NAS, I think. Check the slim devices/squeezecenter user forums.

Ipeng for your iPad to manage and play your music.
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Unless I am mistaken, iPeng doesn't let you make changes to files. It is a player, not a media manager. That's what a google search indicated, anyway. Is that mistaken?
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Hmm. Yeah, gd779. My solution is not as robust as you require.

You've probably already looked at VLC on your Ubuntu PC and one of the VLC remote apps on your iDevice.

Thinking outside of the box a bit ... how about a remote desktop app like Splashtop? Then you could run whatever media manager you wanted on your PC and control it via your iPad.

Streaming music through Splashtop isn't terrific, but it can be done. For playback, you could revert to VLC plus Remote and/or VLC streamer.
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That may wellbe the best solution available. Thanks!
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