Chrome, you are getting on my nerves.
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Why has Chrome decided to suddenly space out my bookmarks and context menus so much? How do I return to the proper spacing?

This is driving me absolutely crazy and I am seriously considering a return to Firefox because it is just that annoying. My wife's bookmarks and context menus look like this. My bookmarks and context menus look like this. Mine looks awful and I have to do a lot of scrolling now, even on a 1080p display.

I'm certain my menus didn't look like this yesterday. I haven't installed any new extensions in weeks. How the hell did I do this to my browser, and how do I fix it? I thought maybe it was from ctrl+scrolling to zoom in but I'm not sure.
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Honestly, I looked at the two pictures and didn't see much difference between them - but I just looked at my own bookmarks just now and the spacing has changed for me too. I wonder if Chrome just did a new update?
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This happened to me about three weeks ago. I hate it too. I have not found a setting or a way to change it. It was like when they changed GMail without giving the option to leave well enough alone. It could be for people who are logged in to CHrome? I am.
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There was a new update for Google Chrome today.
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I was going to tell you to go into the flags and change things, but the flags aren't working anymore...

Disclaimer, this may still work, but it also may not.

In the address bar, type about:flags and hit Enter .

Find one called Touch Optimized UI, and set it to Disabled.
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Just because you haven't installed any new extensions doesn't mean an extension hasn't updated in the background to a new version. I'd try disabling them all and see if that fixes it.
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Yup, looks like Chrome updated. I didn't really notice before, but it looks like they did change the bookmark style -- mine looks like yours. And bookmark submenus now overlap their parent. Eugh.

Chrome does automatically update itself (without telling you!), so that's how it got changed.
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Hmm... my Chrome says it is up to date, but I don't see ay change in bookmark menus or submenus.
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Find one called Touch Optimized UI, and set it to Disabled.

I have tested this just now; it doesn't work.
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But I must say I feel tremendously encouraged that Deezil is on the job.

For the OP - there are a lot of angry people discussing this on Google's support forums, so may be worth getting an account and signing in and adding your voice to the people telling Chrome "fuck this noise".
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Ewww... mine just updated to look like this too. Not happy :(
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Down in Empress' link, a Google employee links to the following page, which you can star (upper left) to vote for the issue.

(And, yeah, this is a terrible change. Chrome already lacked bookmark separators, but now the UI is really barely usable. Why do UI designers assume we don't want to see as much as possible!?)
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Best answer: Found a workaround that works for me. Add --disable-new-menu-style to the command line for your chrome.exe shortcut.
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According to the thread Empress linked to, this is an issue trying to optimize the UI for touchscreen usage. This should either detect what you are using, touch or mouse, or be configurable by the user. It is things like this that make me lose more love for Google every day. I HATE that they want to determine what is the best UI for me whether it is in this instance or with GMail etc.
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--disable-new-menu-style to the command line for your chrome.exe shortcut

Just tried this, and it works for me, too. Thanks for figuring it out. I have lots of bookmarks that fit just fine on my big screen, and having to suddenly scroll all the time was going to drive me right back to Firefox.
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Reptile, can you Memail me a "for dummies" walkthrough for how to do that exactly? Thanks.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, and reptile, you are the king.
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Response by poster: You can of course opt to be the queen, should it suit your fancy.
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EmpressCallipygos, and anyone else that needs it:

1. Right-click the Chrome icon on your desktop/start menu/wherever, and choose Properties
2. You should get a screen like this.
3. Where it says target, add " --disable-new-menu-style" (without the quotes) to the end, after where it says chrome.exe
4. Click Apply, then OK
5. Close down any open Chrome windows, and restart Chrome with your shortcut

Screenshot/instructions above are on Windows 7, other versions of windows should be similar.
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That didn't work for me. Lemme try again.
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And now it did! perfect.
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Reptile, THANK YOU! Just tried it and it works perfectly. It was a small issue that was REALLY bugging me.

Sternmeyer thank you for asking the question!
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Thank you Reptile! This had been bugging me, mentioned it to my wife, who in turn mentioned this AskMe thread. Love when Mefites like you solve all my problems.
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One detail for reptile's step 3 above-- if what you see in that field is within double quotes, add the --disable-new-menu-style *outside* of the final double quote.

So much better now...
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I was using this workaround and now it no longer works. Spaces are back. Any ideas?
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