Evening birthday ideas in Brooklyn?
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What's a good place for a Saturday evening laid back birthday get-together in Brooklyn?

My lady friend and I are going to be celebrating our birthdays in Brooklyn in a couple of weeks along with about 10 (give or take a few) friends on a Saturday evening, probably around 8 p.m. I'm not that familiar with the area and am looking for ideas for a place where we can have a few drinks in a fairly laid back setting. An ideal situation would be one in which folks can dress casually and join us at a place with a decent beer selection that isn’t so full it’s only standing room (tricky on a Saturday, I know). Music is good, but we’re not looking for a club setting. We're staying in Park Slope, so some place near there is ideal (but it doesn't have to actually be Park Slope) for the Saturday evening get-together. If there are snacks, that’s also good but it’s not absolute must. Thanks!
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Loki is generally pretty chill, even on a Saturday night. They've got a lot of room in the back with couches (and a roomy outdoor area if the weather stops being shitty), but you may want to send a few people early to claim some space.
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Union Hall (5th and Union) lets you reserve the tables at the back, and it would be just about perfect for this -- but call them soon!

Die Koelner Bierhalle on St Marks whose name I'm forgetting has tasty German snacks and lots of beer and lets you reserve tables but it's big and noisy which might not be ideal.

Also 4th Avenue Pub is a nice laid-back place, and would be great especially if it's warm enough for the back yard. The only snacks they have are popcorn but they're cool with people ordering in.
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Mission Dolores, especially if warm enough for outdoor seating.
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Also 8 PM is pretty early in bar-time, even on Saturdays. Most places don't get packed until 10 or 11.
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Pacific Standard is another nice beer bar you could check out. It has a pretty relaxed vibe. I haven't been there on a Saturday though. It's right down the street from 4th Ave Pub and Mission Dolores.
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Lavender Lake. At 8pm it won't be crowded and the food and drinks are good. Also there is a firepit in the backyard.
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Came in here to say Mission Dolores or Pacific Standard. Also 4th Avenue Pub. At 8 you should be able to grab a table and camp out as your friends come and go.
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