My new Samsung SSD cloning software doesn't work
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I have a problem with my new Samsung SSD cloning software - it doesn't work. I keep getting the following error message: "external exception EO6D7363". The new drive is recognized by Win 8.

I have my old HDD running Win 8 and wish to clone it to the new SSD.
I have read that I must change SATA in the BIOS to AHCI from IDE, but when I do this, my computer won't boot with the old HDD.
I have tried Norton Ghost, but it doesn't work with Win 8.
The Samsung software is supposed to be Win 8 compatible. Others that have posted reviews of the Samsung SSD on Amazon seem to have had no trouble, even with old computers.
My computer is a Gateway DX4710-UB002A from about 4.5 years ago. It has 6 gigs of memory and an Intel quad-core CPU.

This should work.

I would like to avoid a fresh installation of Win 8 to the SSD with the need to copy and reinstall all of my files, programs and settings.

Any ideas?

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Best answer: Just answered another similar question with the same thing, but turn ahci back on, grab a blank cd, and burn Clonezilla to it. Boot it up and just select drive to drive copy.

Mission complete. Go watch twilight zone on Netflix or something while it writes for 40 minutes or so.
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