How to Spend a Weekend in Charlotte?
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I'm going to be in Charlotte, NC for the weekend of April 21-22 in preparation for a conference. What fun things can I do there?

Are there any local MeFites for a meetup? I'll be staying in the Marriott, so things that are walkable or public transitable from there would be best.

I'd love to explore some of the local hidden gems, as well as any other must sees (or must eats!) I'm already going to a Nascar event as part of the conference, but other than that I have no plans. Any recommendations for restaurants or activities would be more than welcome.

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Eat at The Diamond.
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Best answer: I went there for a library conference so my particular preferences are nerdy but the downtown library is very nice (and a nice place to check email) and the place I went for lunch that I loved is around the corner: Mert's (website not that great, try Yelp). I went to a meetup there, there are some nice MeFites in the area. There are also some good greenways that go all over the place which was some of what I spent my time doing on the free day I had there.
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If you eat meat, get liver pudding for breakfast.
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Assuming you won't have a car and it's the Center City Marriott?
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If it's the AAHPERD conference, I'm going. :-) I drive in the 22nd.
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Best answer: Making those assumptions, you're literally in the heart of the city, which is great in some respects and less so in others. Within walking distance heading south are several lovely art museums (the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and the Mint Museum) and the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts & Culture. There's also a sweet little coffee shop, Amelie's Petite, a "little sister" of the very popular, 24-hour bakery in the NoDa district.

In the other direction is the Levine Museum of the New South (which covers Southern history from Reconstruction to the present and is excellent) as well as the library and Mert's, which jessamyn mentioned. UNC Charlotte (not a satellite of UNC Chapel Hill, but a research university in its own right with 26,000 students) has a center city campus a few blocks away with a small gallery - call first to make sure it's open on the weekends.

The Epicentre has a few bars and restaurants - the Mexican place, Vida, is good - along with a bowling alley and movie theater.

If you or a colleague have a car, you might enjoy a visit to the U.S. National Whitewater Center or to Freedom Park, off East Blvd, which should be really pretty if the weather cooperates. Lots of restaurants and cute shops on East Blvd., including Paper Skyscraper. East Boulevard is accessible from the light rail, although Freedom Park is a mile or so (maybe longer) from the station.

I'm tied up on Saturday but could do a meetup on Sunday afternoon if anyone's interested!
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On Saturday the Seventh Street Public Market will be open, with lots of options for tasty food. I'm in for a Charlotte meetup if there is sufficient interest. (Oh, also, it's not liver pudding, it's livermush. I can't in good conscience recommend it to anybody, but if you like liver, well maybe.)
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After you finish eating at The Diamond, check out House of Africa.

After that, enjoy some beer and decorum at the Common Market.

All you have to do is park in the area, and you can walk to all of these places. If I were visiting Charlotte, I would be doing this. NoDa is totally gentrified, but Plaza Midwood still has it.
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Ooh seconding the White Water Center, I love that place!
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Sleepy Poet! I can't count how many weekend afternoons I've spent at this place looking for obscure, interesting, weird... stuff. Some descriptions call it an antique shop, but in practice it's more like digging through a giant estate sale held by a band of very peculiar old ladies with a penchant for collecting ephemera.
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Mac's Speed Shop: Excellent beers + BBQ, guys on Harleys, cops, and just about everyone else. It's awesome.

Phat Burrito is one of the few places to get an excellent burrito.

Luna's Living Kitchen is a great place for veggie/vegan/macro/etc food - the smoothies are outstanding, and everything is fresh and tasty - it can be a good antidote to the heavy southern food.

Bite Your Tongue is an amazing Cajun restaurant founded by 2 New Orleans refugees who fled the day before Katrina. The entrance is hard to find, but basically faces the Bland St. light rail station.

And of course, Price's Chicken Coop is THE fried chicken place in Charlotte - I can't actually say how good it is, as I don't eat meat, but it smells AMAZING.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all the great tips, everyone! I now have a running list of cool places to go explore! I maybe have to pass on the livermush, though...

I'd love to meet some of you, too! Meetup on Sunday afternoon was suggested? I'm taking it over to IRL.
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