Sinus rinse: squeeze bottle or pulse irrigator?
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Should I upgrade from a squeeze bottle sinus rinse to a pulse irrigation system?

I have chronic sinusitis, allergies, and asthma. I have been using the Neil Med squeeze bottle for a while to rinse my sinuses and it seems to help somewhat. I'm wondering if it would be more helpful to invest in one of these bad boys. Has anyone experienced a significant improvement after switching to a pulse irrigation system? Any recommendations for a specific brand or type?
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That pulse irrigator is an incredibly impressive device.

Feel free to roll your eyes at me, but have you tried a Neti Pot? I don't find that the squeeze bottle stuff really gets where it needs to go.

If you haven't, it's another cheap option.
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Well, I upgraded from the NeilMed squeeze bottle to their Pulsating Nasal Wash, which is battery operated. And it has indeed made a difference - the pressure is more even, which is especially helpful when I'm really clogged, because in those situations the squeeze bottle tended to press gunk into my year canal if I wasn't careful. I haven't had that happen yet with this one. So if you'd like to try a less pricey option, I'd recommend it.

(I personally preferred the squeeze bottle to the Neti, mostly because my sinuses tend to need more power behind the burst of water then the Neti can give. With all 3 devices I've used I've had to do the thing where I tilt my head back after the water is in and kind of rolled my head around, which helps distribute the water. Why yes, my sinuses are a pain in the ass.)
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This is kind of a middle ground -- it helps me for allergies. Better than a squeeze bottle, but not as intense as the irrigator

After I had sinus surgery, I bought the tip for a water pik that is like that irrigation device they sell now. Wow. It was very very effective -- I think I might have irrigated a semester or two of college out of my brain.
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If you have chronic sinusitis and allergies, I'd personally invest in some fluticasone propionate and azelastine hydrochloride. I wasted my time with a neti squeeze bottle for a long time and then I finally told a doctor about my symptoms. He prescribed me those nasal sprays and like magic, no more nasal inflammation and blockage, no more allergy problems. It's a beautiful thing. Before spending $80 on a machine that shoots water into your nose, I might make sure there isn't a better, more lasting solution.
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I have that pulse irrigator. It's sturdier than the other brand (Grossan), although the water container with its weird shape is annoying in that the water level descends slowly at first, and then quickly.

I use it when I have a sinus infection. I think it does a good job (better than a neti pot) of clearing the gunk out.
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I switched from their neti pot to their sinugator. IT rocks. Gets into more parts of my sinus then a regular neti pot does. also no more of the weird head tilt either.

look at that its a LOT cheaper then what you are looking at but does the same thing.
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