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I'm looking for a fitness watch I can use for interval training. I don't need anything fancy, but I do want something that'll vibrate in place of beeping. Can anyone recommend something?

I've been looking at fitness watches, and I'm not looking to break the bank--something like the Forerunner 610 sure is nice, but it's probably overkill for my needs. All I'm really concerned with is something that's lightweight and durable...and, as I mentioned above, I absolutely 100% want something that can vibrate at a set interval, as I usually have headphones in when I'm exercising and probably won't hear something beeping.

That said, if there is a really great top-of-the-line-does-everything watch you love, I don't mind saving up and getting one down the road. Kinda want something I could order off Amazon today and be using by the end of the week.

(I did a search before asking this and saw some recommendations for the Gymboss, but I do want something that's designed to be strapped to my wrist without having to buy extra parts.)
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Best answer: I came to recommend the Gymboss, which I see you've looked at, because it really is cheap and incredible at the things you want, including the capability for multi-intervals. Have you thought about clipping it to one of those wrist sweatband things?

Otherwise, I used the Timex Ironman watches a number of years ago and I believe they had interval vibration alarms.
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Response by poster: I confess I didn't see that Gymboss makes a wrist strap designed for use with the timer. Hmm...
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I looked at all these options and opted for an app for my iphone/ipad called Seconds Pro. I love it! I already have a heart rate monitor watch, so I didn't want another stand alone item. So far it has worked out for me. You can even match music to intensity of workout if you plan your intervals out that way. You can also have a voice read out the next activity for you.
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Over the years, we've owned the following Garmin watches: 205, 305, 405CX, 310XT and 910XT. Overall, I've had exceptionally good luck with both their products and their service. With one exception, I recommend their products. Stay the far, far, far away from any Garmin touchscreen watch. Horrible user interface and the touchscreen doesn't work when your fingers are wet. Like when you sweat.

A used 310XT would do what you're asking it to do. Lots of triathletes are upgrading from the 310XT to the 910XT - meaning their are often 310XTs available used on Craigslist or Tri boards.
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Response by poster: Thinking about it, I think I'm going to end up getting a Gymboss for now (lower barrier to entry) and at some point maybe I'll upgrade to a Garmin watch or some other fancy thing. Didn't want to leave this thread to die!
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