Need good speakers for iPod
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Anyone have an iBoom? If so, how does it sound? If not, what speakers do you use with your iPod?
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I run through my stereo or a set of computer speakers using a line-out PocketDock. Comes with two cables and goes everywhere my ipod goes.
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I just use a $6 headphone-to-stereo-RCA connector to hook up to my home stereo receiver. Many ghetto blasters and mini-stereos have "aux" or "game" inputs that you can hook into the same way. Failing that, you could probably put one of those tape adapters (for using an iPod/CD player/etc. in the car) into a stereo tape deck. Neither is technically the right thing to do, since it's a headphone output and not a "line-level" output, but it sounds fine and is dirt cheap.
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I use the regular iPod dock with my home stereo. Sounds great.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I guess I didn't explain very well. I'm set with the car, it came with an in-dash aux port. What I really need is a good set of speakers for around the house, don't have a stereo system to plug it into, had iMotion speakers but want something a little more robust but still portable, hence my interest in the iBoom. Thanks!
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I use the Bose SoundDock. It produces good sound, is designed well, and is relatively portable. The best feature is that it comes with a remote that lets you control the iPod. Without a remote, it's annoying to have to get up to pause/skip track/adjust volume.

It is kinda expensive though.
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not speakers, but if you want some nice sound go pick up a pair of etymotic er6i headphones... they blow the standard apple ones away and are a godsend on flights w/ crying infants in the seat behind you...

my mom took the alteclansing inmotion implus with her to marthas vineyard last month and all of her friends loved it... they had music w/ them wherever they went. not sure about sound quality tho since i haven't had a chance to try it out yet...

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I second the Bose SoundDock. If you have the extra cash (mine was a birthday gift) I highly recommend it. The sound is great and the remote is a great addition too. As far as portability goes, you can basically unplug it and carry it with you, since it isn't heavy at all.
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the Altec Lansing iM7 is also pretty good - bit cheaper than the sounddock, somewhat bigger, but can run off of batteries (and includes the video out ports on the back in case you have a color iPod). sounds pretty darn good too, IMHO, on par with the Bose system.
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I like the Tivoli PAL (or, if you must, the iPAL), among other reasons because it won't become obsolete when you ditch the iPod for something smaller/better/different.
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I third the Bose SoundDock - mine was a gift as well - I love it though - very portable and super nice sounding.
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The JBL On Tour's are tiny (you could fit it in your back pocket if you're a fat ass like me) and sound great considering their size, according to two friends of mine who own them.
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hummercash: if you want some nice sound go pick up a pair of etymotic er6i headphones... they blow the standard apple ones away and are a godsend on flights

I recently tested the Etymotic er6i's on a flight to Japan, and they were able to passively filter out almost all sound on the airplane. It was truly impressive. To accomplish this, though, you have to place them quite deep in your ear (as designed).

In a normal listening environment, they sound amazing, except for a distinct lack of low-end response relative to the normal ipod earbuds.
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I also have a Tivoli PAL and love it to bits.
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