Dentist who takes Fidelis in NYC?
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My partner desperately needs a dental checkup, but all the dentists our family and friends have recommended do not take his insurance, Fidelis. We are in NYC.

Offices easily accessible from Long Island City are preferable, but really anywhere in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn within reasonable public transportation distance works. Any recommendations? We'd rather not just pick a name from the book. Thanks in advance!
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Go on the Fidelis site and see who the providers are in your area. Pick the one that's the most convenient for your partner. That's how I found my, excellent, dentist.

Sometimes, the closest name in the book, is the best. How do you know that a bunch of internet strangers are going to be any better than your own ease of getting there?

I find that the easier it is to get to the dentist, the better I like my dentist.

You can check Yelp after you have a few names, if you feel like you want an opinion.
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I'm not sure if my dentist takes Fidelis, but you could call them and ask. I really like them.
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Check your dental plan - the dentist doesn't necessarily have to take insurance in order for you to get reimbursed for the visit. Mine doesn't file any insurance at all, but I can send in the claim myself and get a check in the mail from my insurance company within a couple of weeks. As long as the dental plan has decent out of network benefits you should be able to go anywhere.
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I've been using zocdoc lately to find doctors and dentists, and the recommendations you can find in there seem to be pretty good so far... it's a pretty nifty little service, too...they'll fax your info over so you don't have to waste any time in the office filling out forms.
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Ditto what something something said. My dentist is not in network for my dental plan at work, but the coverage on my plan for out of network vs in network is identical for routine maintenance (checkups/etc).
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What Ruthless Bunny said:
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