Recommend me some museums, galleries, and art spaces in Stockholm?
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My goal is to get up to speed -- and then keep up with -- the art, design, architecture, and fashion scenes in Stockholm. I moved here recently and am curious if people can recommend galleries, museums, and anything else I should follow for interesting shows, interesting new artists, speaker tours, that sort of thing, ideally relating to the above, but I'm also open to anything else :) In a bigger city like London or NY there are obvious tons of galleries and museums that constantly have great exhibits...I don't expect Stockholm to be at that level, but people always talk about "Swedish design" and I am curious to get into it, as well as art and architecture. I realize that leaves it open but mainly I care about galleries, museums, and other spaces where innovative creation is being displayed, and less about the medium (though architecture, photography, and haute cotoure type fashion are three specific interests...though you wouldn't know it from how I dress :). I think this question is a bit rambly but hopefully the "spirit" of it was conveyed. Thanks in advance!
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Designtorget is one place. A shop with contemporary Swedish design.
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The galleries on Hornsgatan (Hornspucklen) are good places to poke around.

A bit more off the beaten track is Forum near Vasaparken where they do a bit of everything from classical music to book readings.

I am living in Stockholm for many years, send me a MeFi-mail if you have specific questions.
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I'd start with Arkitekturmuseet and Moderna Museet. They're within walking distance of each other, and you can buy a combined ticket for both museums for 160 SEK.
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