Keep Water Off My Bathroom Counter
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The counter for my bathroom sink sits below the level of the counter (picture). When the water is turned off, or the soap dispenser used, water dripping off hands gets all over the counter and eventually runs to the edge of the counter onto the floor. I want this to stop. The fix for the faucet is to find a new faucet. But I'm not sure what to do about the soap dispenser.

Ideally, I can find a tray to put the soap dispenser on, with a height above the sink and a channel to drain any dripping water into the sink. I could make one out of tile, but I'd rather not if there's something out there already.

One option is an automatic soap dispenser (since it extends over the sink), but my preference would be to use the manual dispenser I already have.

Any other suggestions? Thanks.

(This will likely solve the problem with the faucet. That faucet extends over the sink and the spout tilt downs so any water that drips on it will run into the sink.)
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Do you mean "sits below the level of the sink"?
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A simple solution could be to squirt the soap into one hand before you get them both wet - or shake more water off your hands before using the dispenser.
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I had this problem in an apartment I lived in once. My solution was to install a hook in the wall nearby (you can use one of those 3M Command hooks if you have an appropriate surface), hang a cloth from it, and wipe up the excess water whenever necessary.
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Response by poster: Yes, I meant the counter sits below the level of the sink.

I already keep a towel beside the sink to wipe up the water. I'm looking for a way not to use the towel.
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We had a vanity with an issue like this. Basically, we kept a sponge wedged behind the faucet -- it would wick up most of the loose liquid and evaporate over time. More of a hack than a solution, of course.
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Oh this sounds like a job for a magnetic soap holder! More common than anything else in some parts of the world. Very inexpensive and very clever and a gazillion options out there.
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