Identify this Bug!!
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I've seen half a dozen of these bugs in my apartment of late. What are they and should I be worried?
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IANAEntomologist but this looks like a leaf-footed bug. If that diagnosis is correct, they may munch your houseplants, but I don't think they pose any bedbug or roach type threats (i.e. they don't want your blood or your food, and don't spread disease (but again, IANAE)).
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Stink bugs maybe? Info.
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Looks like a stink bug. We used to have these all the time around the house. They are harmless, but annoying.
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Western Conifer Seed Bug - part of the Coreidae family!
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pont has it: aka Western conifer seed bug (wikipedia). They're narrower than stink bugs, which are more shield-shaped.
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You're seing them because it's spring... like ladybugs, they like to come inside to hibernate. They're headed back outside.
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