quick reliable dose of world news everyday?
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What website/ podcast/ youtube channel can I consistently follow everyday to know world news?

I feel a little embarrassed about how little I know about things happening in the world, so I want to follow the news more. I don't have a whole lot of time to sit around and read a whole paper though, or watch the news on TV (I don't have a TV). Is there something on the internet that's quick, concise, and reliable? Even better if it's something I can listen to during my morning routine.
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I like PRI's The World, though it is an hour long.
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The bbc world service covers a bit of everything.
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You might be interested in Evening Edition, which runs a handful of headlines once per day, and has a podcast with the tagline "Five top stories in five minutes, every weekday."
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I like PRI's The World and BBC World Service. The World also just has some interesting tidbits about music and other cultural things.

If you don't want to listen to a long podcast, I used to get the Foreign Policy's Morning Brief email. It's a few bullet points each morning about major events in the world. There are actually several FP newsletters available, if you like getting emails.
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really these are all amazing!!

Are there brief podcasts about music from around the globe? (The World looks amazing, but it's too long!)
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Whatever you do, get your news from a variety of sources, to avoid any bias. (Example: if you only ever watched/listened to Fox, all you would be getting is their corporate viewpoint: get different viewpoints to develop a broader understanding.)
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I watch (or listen to, but the video's there if I'm paying attention) Al Jazeera and glance at the (oddly spotty but nevertheless good) Wikipedia Current Events page.
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Echoing easily confused, I get my daily news from Google News.
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In the vein of getting different viewpoints, you might try Democracy Now.
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You don't have to listen to the whole podcast of The World. I listen to about 20 minutes before I go to sleep and that's enough for headlines plus at least 2 stories.
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Nthing Google News, which lets you personalize the news, including sources, and lets you very quickly see headlines. (However, it's not in podcast form.)

Also, something I do is read news on my mobile device whenever I have down time (traveling, bathroom breaks, etc.) The BBC News app for the iPhone is wonderful, IMHO.
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I <cringe> still use my.yahoo. I tell it to show me a variety of world/Canada/British Columbia/Sports/Financial news and you get to select the source, all on one page divided by category/source with a user-determinable number of top headlines displayed. There are also sidebars for weather, stocks, sports scores, comics, &c.

Yahoo's own "reporters" and stories are awful but they have AP (Associated Press) and Reuters feeds as well as CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Canadian Press as well as Space.com and BBC (British Broadcasting Corp) and probably some other feeds that I don't subscribe to.

I've tried using news.google but I think that yahoo has more granularity when it comes to categories.
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PRI has a podcast just of the music (Global Hit) from the end of the broadcast. About 5 minutes long.
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@BreakingNews on Twitter
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Whatever you do, get your news from a variety of sources, to avoid any bias.

This is true, in the US you might get anything from "crazy far-right" (Fox) to "pretending to be liberal but actually moderate to slightly conservative" (NPR) to "pretending to be liberal but run by former Obama staffers who say everything Obama does, no matter how repugnant, is just super" (MSNBC).

I mostly just use twitter to link to news articles. I follow AP, Guardian US, LA Times, NYT, BBC Americas, and Al Jazeera English, among others. If it happens, it'll come across my feed multiple times.
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If you, ahem, own a radio, you might just try tuning into your local NPR affiliate to get an overview via their morning shows -- I listen while I brush my teeth, etc., and find that at least I have a tab on the major developments of the day that way, without demanding any more effort than turning a knob. Also works if you commute by car.
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