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Google is failing me, so I hope the Green can help. I'm looking for a song by Yellow Magic Orchestra from later in their career. The only thing I can remember about the song is that it repeats the line "X loves YMO", with X being replaced by various bands/people.
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How late in their career are we talking about? Mid 80s, early 90s? And do you remember if the down was down or up tempo? I have all their albums and I'll go searching, I just need a little more info if you're able to provide it.
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It was definately uptempo, and I'm thinking in the '90s. I remember seeing the video on City Limits in Canada.
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Oh my God, I'm having the hardest time finding this song, sorry. I've pretty much gone through all the albums and maybe I've just missed it. Was there other lyrics in the song? Was the "X loves YMO" repeated a lot? Was there a female voice? Was there any Japanese lyrics? And was the voice distorted in any way? I'll look again if you can provide me some more information. I really want to find this song and it's driving me crazy.
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My obessive love of YMO somehow never made it past the 80's, so now I'm listening to Techonodon (early 90s album) on youtube in the name of research. I'll report back if I hear anything!
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