High protein savory vegetarian snacks?
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What are great portable, ready-made, high-protein, low carb, tasty, and savory rather than sweet vegetarian processed food items?
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Primal Strips fit the bill exactly. I think they taste great.

Also, spiced roasted chickpeas, spicy pumpkin seeds, tamari or wasabi almonds, string cheese.
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I like roasted edamame. They are crunchy and super-noshable.
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Bean dip! Perfect for car trips -- can be purchased in convenience stores (or at least supermarkets) across the land. Eat with fresh veggies. Or your finger.
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I like Primal Strips a little better, but Jerquee comes in a bunch of flavors.

You can also buy already-boiled eggs; I think I've seen them in the produce section. Add a mustard packet for bonus tastiness.
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Wasabi peas.
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Edamame? I used to put frozen pods in a tupperware, and just let them thaw during the day.
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They sell little hummus cups that are really portable and yumful.
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Roasted fava beans.
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All sorts of nut butters.
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Any roasted nut.
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String cheese.
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I really like to snack on slices of smoked tofu (scroll to the bottom of this page)
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I'm pretty into those little Babybel cheeses that you may remember from elementary school lunch period (they come in red wax, which my friends and I used to fashion into crayons) and hardboiled eggs.
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Bean curd or tofu snacks.

I'm a carnivorous omnivore and love jerky, but I love this stuff especially the mouthfeel. A bit pricey for the amount of nutrition you get, but there are tons of different brands with tons of different flavours. Some brands/flavours can be a little sticky if you're eating them with your fingers, though.
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Hummus, use carrots to dip.
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Cheese. Avoid eating it with a ton of carbs, and the fat isn't so bad for you.
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