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We recently changed litter brands (from clumping clay to the World's Best Cat Litter), and everything seemed to be going fine. But it turns out one of our cats is noshing on the new litter. What should we do to detract her?

We'd prefer to stick with this kind of litter if it is at all possible, but are willing to add something so it doesn't smell like food. Has anyone dealt with this before, with their cats eating corn-based clumping litter? Any suggestions on how to address the problem would be much appreciated. Bonus question: I know that clumping clay litter is dangerous to eat because of how it expands on contact with water. Is corn-based litter similarly dangerous?
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Corn based litter should be ok to eat as long as it has no additives that are not corn. There are also wheat based litters that are similarly clumping and innocuous.

In my experience, the corn based litters were awesome for me, but my cats hated them. The wheat based litters were annoying and dusty for everyone involved. I'm currently using a fairly expensive clay based litter with an herbal additive after switching away from a corn litter.

The herbal additive I use in the litter can be purchased separately and might discourage your cat from eating the corn, maybe? It's designed to make cats want to pee on it. And they tend not to want to eat things that they've peed on.
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Something spicy, like cayenne pepper. Make sure the cats are still willing to pee on it, though.
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Maybe supply some grass or something for your cat to nibble. It's easy enough to grow in a little pot on a window sill. Some cats like to nibble on grass and this might fulfill the cats grass eating urges with a tastier option.
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We had that problem, too, with our cat--he just loved munching on the stuff. What we didn't know (and you might want to watch out for) was that he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of, well, peeing in the snack box. Instead, he held it in, developed urinary infections, and ruined a chair by using it as an alternate litter box before his very dim kitty-parents figured it out. Hopefully your cat, unlike ours will adapt, because it really is (otherwise) great litter.
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I would just switch to a new litter. Cats can be super-dumb and unpredictable, and if you put pepper on it she may just keep eating it anyway, and then she'll have a tummy full of litter and pepper.
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I'm doubting that the pepper is a good idea. She'll get some of it on her paws and coat and eat it during grooming.
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Things possibly of note: There is a new cat in the house, which is contributing to stress levels. The cats are peeing and pooping properly in their boxes and don't seem to be eating the litter from the box -- TGLJG was chewing on the bag and eating litter from it. (We've put the bag away, obviously.)
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Didn't we just have the discussion on why the pepper thing is bad on here? Getting in cats eyes when they groom themselves and whatnot?

So yea, don't do that at least. Please.
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I used World's Best (and the Swheat Scoop) and switched to Feline Pine because of my own gluten allergies, and my elder cat's itchiness is way, way down too. (I can't swear it was the litter because we switched to grain-free food around the same time, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was related.)

Bonus: If you can find a feed store, Stablemate pine pellet bedding is exactly the same substance but about half the cost.
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