Did I roast my nematodes?
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Nematodes sat in a hot mailbox for a couple days. Are they dead?

The beneficial nematodes I ordered to combat lawn grubs sat in my mailbox for possibly up to three days. It's been in the mid-70's here and the mailbox is metal and in the sun all day. The information sheet included says the ideal storage is 60°F. Are my nematodes dead? Is there a way to tell?
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Probably dead. Put a small sample in a little dish or something and add a bit of water. Use a small microscope or strong magnifier and you can see them. They should be swimming around. If they are stick straight and still they are dead.
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nematodes are supposed to be shipped in a cool pack and stored refrigerated from whoever you purchased them from. They're very likely dead because of your mailbox if they weren't already dead because they sat on a shelf somewhere for a long time.
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Checked them with my son's microscope, and stick straight is about the shape of things. No movement at all.

They were mailed in a padded envelope marked perishable, no cool pack or anything. Should I order nematodes from this company again (assuming I get to the mailbox more quickly next time)? If not, any recommendations?
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There's an awful smell if they're dead... They smell if they're alive, but it's awful if they're dead. The smell.
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I'd mention it to the company.
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