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Extreme long-shot filter: The lid on my favorite travel mug partially melted in the dishwasher. Help me find a replacement?

The lid on my (snowflake alert) very favorite travel mug now has a melted hole just big enough to make drinking sort of impossible, and making me worried about swallowing particulates. But the mug is at least ten years old, and I haven't seen a model like this in ages. Is there any place I might find a suitable replacement lid, or is there another solution that can restore this mug to its travel-friendly state? I've Googled every keyword I can think of, but can't find a lid quite like this one.

The lid is a flexible plastic that just squeezes snugly into the mug. Pictures here and here.

Any ideas for replacing it - or safely repairing the current one?
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Best answer: The Mug Hug.

It's also possible to buy a similar model mug on Amazon or on Zazzle.
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I think your only viable option is to hit up thrift stores and garage sales trying out lids from other mugs until you find one that fits.

I think you should actually just buy yourself a really nice and totally different travel mug (my partner uses a for real Thermos brand one, and it keeps coffee hot hours upon hours in our horrific Winnipeg climate), pitch the melted lid, and use the mug for pens or a plant or something. It's had a very good run.
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I'd probably try Sugru. Not sure if it's officially food-safe but it's not like it would really be in contact with your coffee.
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If you search for "travel mug snap-on lid" you might spot a similar model.
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