What font has been used in onscreen text of Zero Dark Thirty?
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The other day I was watching the movie and like the font. First I thought it's TNR then I thought maybe some Sans but I couldn't figure out. I loved the clean spacious fonts. Which one was it?

IS there any way I could find out such info without asking anyone? Maybe if I have original DVD/BR file or so, the text must have been inserted/embedded somewhere after the film was shot.
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If you have screenshots, you can clean them up and run them through a service like WhatTheFont to try to figure it out. Small text on a DVD like a dateline or chyron or something might not be high enough resolution to match, though. Identifont can be helpful if you can make out enough detail to answer a series of questions describing the font's attributes.

Agency FB was used in at least one of the posters; the more common poster font looks like it's from the Helvetica Neue family to me.
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From a screenshot, WhatTheFont gave me Faxfont-Fine
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@bluecore: Thanks. You nailed it. Thank you and thank you @bcwinters (I wanted onscreen fonts, not poster's). I didn't know WTFont could give me fonts off images. Though will search for a WTFont replacement on Firefox.
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