Cute dessert idea for med school graduation
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The majority of my friends are in medical school and are graduating this year. I'm a baker and wanted to give them all small gifts that are cute/tasty/medical or graduation-related. The only thing I could think of is decorated cookies (I do shortbread or brownie cookies) but any suggestions on shapes? Nothing too complicated, please!

I can also skip cookies and do something else entirely that might be more relevant, I have gift boxes for pretty much anything.
I specialize in French macarons so if anyone has a cute macaron related idea, I'd be interested in that as well!
Thank you :)
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Have you considered hard baking cooked pancake batter put in the shape of medical equipment to scale? Here is what I mean. My thinking is to make the batter sweeter than normal or decorate it like a cookie. then present it in a long box or a doctor's bag if you have one lying around.
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Do you know whether they know what they're going to specialize in? You could make it appropriate to that- bacteria for a pathologist, organs for a surgeon, etc.
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@Jpfed, It's a mix including psychiatry, optho, internal med, and emergency med!
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I once saw the most beautiful sugar cookie in the shape of a human heart, decorated realistically with red and pink frosting.
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Does the med school have interesting school colors? You could do French macarons in those colors.
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The rod of Asclepius! (As opposed to the caduceus. This gets complicated.)

It's a staff with a snake wrapped around it, so you could do decorated flat things, but I think it would be really cool to do something like a hard pretzel rod wrapped with a chocolate snake or something!
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I did a post a while ago on science cookies. Revisiting that blog, it looks like she's done a bunch of science cookie roundups - many of the ideas there could suit your gift idea. (I particularly like the scrubs here and the flasks and test tubes here.)
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A macaron would be great as part of a stethoscope. You could sculpt the rest from marzipan or licorice or something.
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Well the obvious choice would be gingerbread men with their arms and legs broken off, or decorated to be in casts, or with assorted gaping wounds or trauma. I think you could have a lot of fun with just some red and white icing.
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You can decorate cookies as pills. Same with macaroons.
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Easy: red blood cell cookies. Standard cookies, smoosh the centers.
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Thanks, everyone!
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