So... Can I get one in my size?
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Is there a motorcycle that's safe for me ride? If so, which one(s)?

I'm exploring the idea of getting a motorcycle.

I know that there is a lot to motorcycle ownership. But before I go down that particular rabbit hole I need to know, practically speaking, if there's even a motorcycle that can handle my size?

I'm 6' 0" tall with a big belly (72" waist) and stubby legs (28" inseam) weighing in around 550 lbs. So, practically speaking, is there a motorcycle that can handle my size?

Any links too manufacturer specs (one way or the other) would be appreciated.
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I'd generally look at BMWs if I were you. My boyfriend is a big guy (almost 2 meters), he fits on them just fine; on the other hand, I'm short and I've ridden his ST800 with no problem at all, so they're not just for long-legged people.
They're also sturdy bikes that will support your weight. Plus, they're pretty heavy themselves, which is good because you need a balance between the bike and the rider.
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Look at some of the larger cruising bikes made by Suzuki or Kawasaki.... think a Harley Davidson for 1/4 the price.
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I'd also consider something like a Can-Am Spyder. Yes, it's a trike, but it's a cool looking one. And the 3rd whell isn't going to hurt.

In general, I'd look at bikes that are really built to handle 2 people - your Goldwings and other cruisers.
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Mr tipsy is about 400lbs, with 28 inseam and he drives a Kawasaki KLR. He also inherited a Honda Vulcan 750 which he found more comfortable since he was able to adjust the seat height. You want a cruiser or dual sport with power, at least 550cc minimum.
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Anything under 89ci or 1200cc is going to feel like a moped to you. I would visit Harley and BMW dealers to see what they have in used bikes.

Personally I like a modified Road King with a big S&S engine (89ci or bigger)...

Or...BMW has some big bikes (they're pricey even when used) that have hydraulic actuators that raise and lower the bike for easy mounting. They are big bikes. Awesome bikes.

There are definitely bikes out there for you. Good luck, have fun!
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Welcome to the biker fold! You're in for a treat. Let me point you towards the Cycle Ergonomics simulator, if nothing else it's a fun toy.

Also strictly based on my experience, a KLR will probably be too tall for your form factor. My 6'-3"-with-long-legs frame fits just right on mine, but shorter folks have issues standing over it. The 650cc has sufficient-but-not-extra power when I get on there w/ a passenger (~300lbs total.) Some of the other "adventure" style bikes (some BMWs come to mind) also have this tall form factor.
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I know a guy with almost your exact measurements, and he rides a Harley Dyna Defender.
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I'm much shorter (although very round) and I was comfortable on a suzuki intruder - I've got a 27-28" inseam and I was able to stand flatfooted over it. The 800 is pretty powerful and should do well with you alone on it.
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Wulfhere, that simulator's a great find, thanks.

Upon further research the max load for a motorcycle is its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) minus its curb/wet weight. Unfortunately most sites only list a dry weight for motorcycles. The few I did find topped out between 450 and 500 lbs for their max load. So it doesn't look like this is going to work any time soon.
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