Coloring within the lines is easier if there are no lines
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I am having the hardest time finding unruled spiral bound notebooks that are identical in every way to regular spiral bound notebooks you see everywhere...except they have no lines.

The "best answer" in this AskMe post has outlived its usefulness and the link is now dead. Furthermore the website doesn't appear to have carried 8.5x11 unruled notebooks for quite some time.

It's important to me that this notebook has the same paper density, paper texture and size as a regular notebook. At least 100 pages. Most importantly though, it has to be inexpensive. No art books.
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Best answer: Make your own! What you want is a place that does coil binding. Find a paper store to get the paper you want, the cover stock you want, and then just go to Kinkos or some other place that does coil binding, and you're good to go.
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There's not much out there, except some stuff in Europe in A5 size.

Such as.

There are unruled composition books (close enough?).
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it's 80 pages and a little smaller (7"x10"), but this notebook seems to be pretty close to what you're looking for.
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Best answer: Scribe from Mexico has unruled notebooks in a 20 cm x 26.25 cm format (not quite 8.5" x 11"). They're a Mexican company but I've seen some of their notebooks here in Canada; maybe you can find a paper store that carries them around where you are.
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